Introduction of the Stay Moore Organized System!


Hello there!  You must be feeling overwhelmed by cleaning and organizing if you have found yourself reading this!  Have you purged, containerized, labeled, donated, recycled, and sorted but things just keep to become unorganized and unmanageable?  Chances are, that you have organized your stuff before, but you have never had a system to keep things organized once that initial organizing is finished.

If this sounds like you, then you have found the right place!

The Stay Moore Organized system sets up a system where your cleaning chores are laid out in a monthly manner, and gives you an opportunity to check things off.  It helps to form daily and weekly habits, while still reminding you of those things that need to only be done on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

This may sound like a lot, or very time consuming, but by only spending about 15 minutes per day, and an hour on the weekends you can get it all done after establishing your routine!  By breaking things down into manageable steps, you will find that over time cleaning and organizing your home becomes less time consuming and more manageable.

How do I know that this works?  I once found myself completely overwhelmed by cleaning and maintaining my household!  I tried dozens of cleaning systems, I kept my sink clean, and I ran around tossing and pitching like a crazy person …. and the only thing I managed to do was make myself crazier!

I decided that what I really needed was a simple checklist that I could go through to remind me to do all of those cleaning tasks without the games and challenges.  I started out this system using note cards, and have ended up with a one page per month system that really reminds me to do all of those chores that I tend to forget!

After I implemented the system in my own house, and practiced these things for about 2 weeks, it became clear that I had much more time since things were staying cleaner.  I actually had time after the cleaning to really get organized … and sometimes, I just had extra time to enjoy my family inside of my clean home.  I was more productive working since I didn’t have piles of dishes and laundry looming behind me, and that dust bunnies weren’t coming to get me in my dreams!

So, if you are tired of the games, the purging, containerizing, and having to redo all of those things every year take this journey with me!  I am here to support you, and you will have access to a private Facebook group of people that are also in the midst of creating cleaner and more organized homes.

I welcome you to the Stay Moore Organized System!



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