Stay Moore Organized – Creating your Master Chore List

Congratulations on taking the next step to a clean and organized home!  Just deciding to implement a system is a big step, so give yourself a pat on the back!

Today we are going to create your master chore list!  This may not be a final list, but it should include all of the areas that you need to clean on a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual basis … and feel free to reference my list at any time to see if there are things that you need to include as well!

What you need to complete this task:

  • Pen/Pencil
  • Paper

First we are going to make a list of each room of your home that you maintain.  You may include children’s rooms in your list, but my children are responsible for their own rooms and are therefore not included in my list.

  • Kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Master bedroom
  • Hall bathroom
  • Master bathroom
  • Living Room (includes hallway)
  • Studio

Second, you will want to list all of the regular cleaning tasks that you do for each of these rooms – please note that this does not include organizing drawers/closets/etc – Organizing will come in a different Stay Moore Organized system!  As you are thinking about these tasks, remember that they should be short tasks or tasks that you can do in one sitting without being overwhelmed.  I have tasks that take 1-2 minutes (like making my bed), up to things that take 30 minutes or an hour – like washing windows or cleaning out the fridge.  If these things overwhelm you in one sitting, break them down into smaller tasks.

  • Kitchen – Dishes, Sweep, Mop, Wipe Counters, Clean Fridge, Wipe Cabinets, Clean Food/Spice Cabinets, Vacuum under fridge, Clean out Freezer, Clean Oven, Clean Microwave, Clean toaster, Dust
  • Dining room – Wipe Table, Sweep, Mop, Dust
  • Master bedroom – Vacuum, Pick up, make bed, dust, wash linens,
  • Master bathroom – Sweep, mop, clean sinks, clean mirrors, clean showers/tubs, clean toilets, wash shower curtains, dust
  • Hall bathroom – Sweep, mop, clean sinks, clean mirrors, clean showers/tubs, clean toilets, wash shower curtains, dust
  • Living Room – Pick Up, Vacuum, Dust, Vacuum computer
  • Studio – Pick Up, Vacuum, Dust

You will also want to list household chores that don’t fit into the one room list

  • Disinfect phones
  • Disinfect door handles (I also wipe down door jams during this task)
  • Pet Meds (This isn’t a chore, but best place to remind myself!)
  • Replace Air filter
  • Change Water filter
  • Vacuum baseboards
  • Vacuum window sills
  • Wash windows
  • Change Toothbrushes

You may have more or less tasks in your list, and it is ok if you have to add things to this list at a later date!

Congratulations on completing the list!  Next time we will work on setting the frequencies for how often you need to do these tasks!

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