December 2016

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  • Organizing after the Holidays … What to do with all of the Stuff!

    Have you found homes for all of your Christmas presents?  Have your children found homes for all of their Christmas presents? If not, today is the day! I debated about doing a purge post before the holiday season, but with a new blog and limited number of weeks … and knowing that most of my […]

  • Organizing For Guests

    You have done a lot of work the last several weeks, getting your home binder done as well as setting up your Stay Moore Organized System!  So, today I thought we would do an organizing task that is quick, fun, and your guests will enjoy! Are you expecting guests for the holidays?  Perhaps I am […]

  • Organizing a Home not just a House

    We have just finished the first half of the Stay Moore Organized system, and I hope that it has helped move you in the direction of having a cleaner house!  However, cleaning a house and organizing a home are two different things, which is why I make the distinction today!  Houses are made up of […]