Stay Moore Organized – Organizing your chores into your Monthly Chart

Congratulations on making it to this step!  I hope you are feeling energized and ready to take control of your cleaning and organizing tasks in your own household!

We will be working with your task list, and putting it into your very own monthly chart!  Below is a sample of my monthly chart:



You may wonder … how did you fit everything there?  So, that is what we are going to work on Next!

We are going to organize your list of chores into – 10 Daily Chores, 10 Weekly Chores, 5 Monthly Chores, and a total of 9 Quarterly and Annual Chores.  You can download a free set of tools to do this two ways – click here and here to download immediately, or to be automatically notified if these tools are updated in my store here:  Stay Moore Organized Free Download

Here is a sample of my completed Worksheet


After making my Master Chore list and Frequencies list, I had more chores than I could fit into my chart.  For the daily, weekly, monthly tasks I simply grouped things together that I naturally did together – for example sweeping/mopping.  I also tend to clean both bathrooms at the same time, and therefore I lumped the chores for both spaces into one cleaning task.

The Quarterly tasks were a bit more difficult for me.  Generally November is a very busy month in my house, so I put tasks that didn’t take as long into the quarter that included November.  I also tried to space out things so that I didn’t have quarters where all of the really time consuming tasks fell.  So, the quarters that I do windows, I also change toothbrushes – the windows take a long time, but changing out toothbrushes is fast.

If you have gotten to this point, and decide that you would like a printable custom made for you, please feel free to contact me or just purchase this listing and send me your chores/frequencies.  I will be happy to make you 12 printable files, one for each month, and send them to your email!

Congratulations for reaching the end of Setting up your Stay Moore Organized system!  Next we will start implementing your Stay Moore Organized system!

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