Stay Moore Organized – Implementing your system

WooHoo!  You have reached the end of setting up your system, and now it is time to start implementing that system!

You should have your monthly Chart ready – my sample below.


You may be wondering … How am I going to get all of this stuff done!!  And, my answer is … one day at a time!

Personally, I do most of my daily tasks each morning, or each evening.  Each evening I do a nightly pick up, wash dishes, and wipe counters/tables.  Each morning I sweep, make my bed, start a load of laundry.  And that is ALL of my daily chores … I really like checking the last box before I go to sleep!  After laundry begins in the morning, I also pick one or two weekly tasks and get those done.  Lots of times I will do general pick up and then do all of the vacuuming and that takes care of a lot of my weekly tasks.

Monthly and Quarterly/Annual tasks generally get done on the weekends.  With the exception of washing shower curtains – I usually do that on a day when I don’t have other laundry to do – this is also when I do bed linens.  So basically I do a load of laundry each day the first week of the month, and then it backs off to 3 or 4 loads the other weeks.  Make sure you check off each task, and put a date for monthly and annual tasks to remind yourself that you are finished with that one!

I tend to spend about 15-20 minutes cleaning each day and one hour each weekend.  And, I usually never mind if a friend wants to pop over for coffee!

Also, do you think you are cleaning somethings too much or others not enough?  This has been the case for me – especially with showers … sometimes I feel like I need to add another “every other week” category – but if this is the case, then I will keep it in the weekly items and simply X two of the weeks.  If you find that another chore needs to be done more often – simply move it around.  For daily items, if it doesn’t need to be done that day, I will have at least looked at the area … then check it and move on.

If you need some extra motivation from me, or others who are trying to get things clean and organized, please send a request to join our private Facebook group!  It is private for your own piece of mind talking about your mess!

I hope this helps you as much as it has me!  I never wanted to spend half my life cleaning!  Feel free to leave me comments!

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