Organizing For Guests

You have done a lot of work the last several weeks, getting your home binder done as well as setting up your Stay Moore Organized System!  So, today I thought we would do an organizing task that is quick, fun, and your guests will enjoy!

Are you expecting guests for the holidays?  Perhaps I am late and you already have guests!

You can set this up as one big guests basket, or as smaller guest baskets where you would prepare one for each guest.  I prefer having one larger guest basket as it is easier to store.  However, if you have multiple guests coming that are occupying separate rooms, having multiple baskets would be wonderful!

Most of the time, cleaning your whole house for guests is really where the planning stops.  You may be worried about having extra food as well, and getting linens changed also.  This organizing task can really be done at anytime, whether you are expecting guests soon or not.  Preparing this basket when you are not expecting guests will also take one thing off of your list to do before their arrival, and will add that extra touch to staying in your home that is usually reserved for places like fancy hotels or bed & breakfasts.

Here is a list of the contents in my guest basket – please note that the size of the basket you need will depend on how many of these items you put in there.  If you store guest towels in a different location, you can probably get away with a small basket.  Also, please note that if small children are visiting your home please let your guests know that some of these items may not be appropriate for children.

  • shampoo/conditioner – full size is nice, but a variety of travel sizes is great for multiple guests or also guest that may have allergies
  • body wash/soap – again, having a variety of types including some that are for sensitive skin is perfect
  • bath towel/hand towel/wash cloth – one for each guest
  • toothbrush/toothpaste – just in case someone forgot!
  • razor/shaving cream – travel size is perfect
  • mints/gum/snacks/bottled water
  • mini sewing kit
  • optional (if you have small children visiting or in the house I recommend having this, but not included in the guest basket) – first aid kit including adhesive bandages, antibiotic ointment, ibuprofen, aspirin, etc

Assemble your basket and include a bow if that is your style!  Leave it in your guest room all the time, or store in a closet convenient to your guest room.  Replenish as soon as your guests leave so that you don’t have to scramble the next time you have guests!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy your family and all of the moments you spend together!

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