Organizing after the Holidays … What to do with all of the Stuff!

Have you found homes for all of your Christmas presents?  Have your children found homes for all of their Christmas presents?

If not, today is the day!

I debated about doing a purge post before the holiday season, but with a new blog and limited number of weeks … and knowing that most of my readers are probably overwhelmed already … I decided not to do one.

So … If you are having trouble finding homes for your new items, consider purging one (or more) items from the space where they need to be stored.  So, if you got clothing – you need to purge clothes that you no longer wear.  If your children got toys – they need to purge toys that they no longer play with.

Think about volume … not just numbers …

If you got a big heavy winter coat, then you will need to purge enough clothing to make room for the big heavy coat.  Getting rid of one tank top is probably not going to make enough room.  This goes for kid’s toys as well, consider keeping the box (temporarily) of the new toy and having them fill it up with toys to donate.

If you are inundated with tiny toys from stockings … consider asking Santa to bring consumables for Christmas next year … fruit, nuts, candy, soap,  toothpaste, etc … All things that can be fun to open, but are used up instead of just filling up toy bins.  If you find yourself inundated with lots and lots and lots of gifts and no room for them … consider scaling back your Christmas or giving things that create memories instead of stuff, like a family vacation.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday, and see you in the New Year!

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