52 Weeks of Organizing – Week 3 – Organizing the junk drawer

Ahhhhh, the beloved junk drawer!  Junk drawers have gotten a bad wrap in years past, we all have one … even the most organized person has one … It might not even be a drawer!  Gasp!  I know you must all be thinking that I have lost all of my organizing marbles now!  But the truth is, we all need a place … a drawer … that is designated as the place to put the things that don’t belong with other things.  Batteries, the extra screw that came with the very expensive thing, the doodad that you don’t know what it is but your husband will get upset if you toss it out.  Even just a space to put all of those little things on the counter out of sight when you need to quickly clean up!

Welcome to the 52 Weeks of Organizing Challenge!  This is Week 3 in the series!  Please note that these weeks are not built on one another and you can start at any time!  It’s never too early or too late to begin organizing!  Please note that this organizing challenge is meant to work in harmony with the Stay Moore Organized system and weeks to get your household cleaning chores done will be built into the challenge!

This week we need to go through the junk drawer.  Empty it out, and get rid of all of the doodads that you have since learned that you don’t really need.  Return all of the pens/scissors/note pads to the office or homework area.  Check the batteries that have been thrown in there and dispose of the ones that are old.  Take time to ask your husband if he really needs this doodad that has been collecting dust for 10 years.

I’ve had the best success organizing junk drawers with office drawer organizers like the one I have linked to the right (please note this is an affiliate link).  It has small spaces for little items, as well as a long more open space for things like flashlights, scissors, etc.



Because this organizer is clear, you could also add some bright and fun shelf/drawer liner inside your junk drawer to add a bit of fun!  The roll that I have highlighted to the right is cuttable, washable, and there will be enough left over that you can use it in your fridge or other drawers or shelves!  And, it comes in lots of cute patterns!

My kitchen junk drawer was a little out of control, so don’t feel bad if yours is too!  I started with this craziness, and dumped everything out on the counter.

Being realistic about what I needed in there, and what things really just needed to go, I sorted it all out.  I returned things to where they belonged, including kitchen utensils, change, hairbands, bouncy balls, and several items that needed to go out to the workshop and shed.  And, I’ve left the new outlet that needs to be installed out so that my husband can actually get it installed this weekend!  This particular outlet has a special feature which I will show you soon!

I relocated all batteries to a drawer beside our desk, but left plenty of pens and sticky notes here since this is my go to drawer when I am on the phone or making grocery lists.  We also keep a flashlight in this drawer, along with scissors, chip clips, and a few other random items.  I actually didn’t even know that I had boxes of toothpicks in here!

So, here it is, all cleaned out now … This week’s task only took me about 15 minutes … so plenty of time to clean out that other junky drawer in the living room … yes, two … which I have decided is one to many right now!

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