52 Weeks of Organizing – Week 8 – Time to Stay Moore Organized!

Every 4th week we will be setting aside time to complete your weekly/Monthly/Annual/etc chores that you have designated for the month when setting up your Stay Moore Organized system!

Welcome to the 52 Weeks of Organizing Challenge!  This is Week 8 in the series!  Please note that these weeks are not built on one another and you can start at any time!  It’s never too early or too late to begin organizing!

This week it is time to get out your chart and finish up those tasks that maybe you haven’t finished yet!  If you are on the ball with your cleaning chart, then go back through the last few weeks of organizing tasks and finish anything you have set aside.  Take things that you have set aside to donate to the donation center or charity of your choice.


If you are all caught up on all of these things, then take a break!  Spend your hour reading a book, take a long bath, or just hang out with a friend or your family.  It is hard work keeping your home clean and organized, so take a moment to enjoy the space and people around you!

If you haven’t set up your Stay Moore Organized worksheets then this is a good time to go through those steps now!

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