52 Weeks of Organizing – Week 11 – Moving to the Kitchen, Pots and Pans

Are you ready for spring yet?  After a really mild winter, this most recent cold snap has really brought to my attention, that I am so ready for spring.  And, with some warmer weather on the horizon, the spring cleaning bug is starting to bite!  Which is just one reason that I am ready to move out of the home office, and into the kitchen this week!

Welcome to the 52 Weeks of Organizing Challenge!  This is Week 11 in the series!  Please note that these weeks are not built on one another and you can start at any time!  It’s never too early or too late to begin organizing!

This week we are tackling the pots and pans!  It is time, time to really take a look at which ones have been collecting dust and evaluate if you really need to keep that!  Perhaps you bought a new non-stick pan, and haven’t gotten rid of the old one?  Now, it is time!

Take all of your pots and pans out, clean out those cabinets … you may find evidence that you have had an unwelcomed winter visitor!  If so, then take care to use a good disinfectant, and you may want to give those pots and pans a good wash too!

Do you use all of those steamer inserts that came with your pots?  If you are like me, it is hard to break up a “set” … but yes, time to get over that one and reclaim some of your space!

Do you have baking sheets that have baked their last cookie?  I tend to keep baking sheets way past their prime, but cooking and cleaning is so much easier when I use baking sheets that don’t require enormous amounts of elbow grease to clean! 

And, I finally decided that I am not a pizza maker … there was a time when we had family pizza nights and it was fun, but now pizza is more of a treat for those nights that I don’t have time to cook so much … and really, if I want to make pizza, I can use a rectangle baking sheet, it doesn’t have to be round!

My stack to go is rather small, but it is because over time I have trained myself to get rid of old items as I get new replacements, but still a nice thing to see things go!

Since it looks like I will have extra time this week, I am going to go ahead and give the cooktop and microwave a deep clean too!  Next week we will do our 4th week cleaning, and after that we stay in the kitchen to tackle all of the dreaded plastic food containers!


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