52 Weeks of Organizing – Week 15 – Food Storage – pantry and other non-refrigerated items

Without a dedicated pantry, food storage has always been an issue for me in this little house!  But, this week it is time to take control!  If you have a dedicated pantry, be thankful!  Our pantry area also doubles as our laundry area … I still don’t understand why builders think that washer and dryer in the kitchen is a good idea!

Welcome to the 52 Weeks of Organizing Challenge!  This is Week 15 in the series!  Please note that these weeks are not built on one another and you can start at any time!  It’s never too early or too late to begin organizing!

Here are all of my food storage areas … and yes, this is before organizing … and yes, it needs to be done!  No doctored photos here, no straightening to think I am perfection!

The first thing I am going to start with is to re-organize and make more food stations.  One of these is a lower cabinet and used to be the snack cabinet for our boys when they were younger.  However, seeing that they are all taller than me now, I think I can utilize these spaces better!

The laundry area tends to get linty – so I try to keep things in there that wouldn’t be stored open.  Although it still isn’t a perfect solution.  In a perfect world, my husband and I would be working on relocating the washer and dryer this week, but unfortunately that isn’t happening!

I’ll start by going through all of the food stuffs and getting rid of anything that is expired.  Probably more of an issue with some of our spices that I know have been in there for longer than they need to be.

Next I’ll be reorganizing things like – all of the breakfast foods in one area.  All the canned goods in one area.  Spices, marinades, baking in one area … I do love my pull down spice rack!  It makes my life easier as a short person!  I’ll still maintain a snacks space – things like crackers, granola bars, chips.

I’ll check back in on Monday with progress with my private facebook page group!

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