52 Weeks of Organizing – Pause, reset … still in the kitchen!

Hello there friends!  … So I had a bit of “life” happen over the last 6 months …

Ahhhh … one of the boys came to live with us for a little while to get his life back on track.  He is now in the Army and graduates from boot camp this week!  Very proud of him and how far he has come!  Then my mom had surgery, then complications that developed … not directly from the surgery, but more due to the change in how she had to sleep after that surgery.  So, she was with us for a few weeks … She is doing much better now.  Then I had a minor surgery … nothing major but leading up too and after definitely depleted my energy for weeks.  Then school let out, summertime, job location change for hubby … school starting … Remodeling our bathroom which effected parts of our closet and kitchen!  Well, I am finally getting back to normal now!

Perhaps some of you are wondering why I am telling you all of these personal details … honestly, I could have gotten much more personal … Maybe you are feeling like I abandoned my business … Maybe you will leave because I haven’t held up my “end of the bargain.”  Truth is, that sometimes life just gets to be too much … there are things that you have to make choices about … things you have to give up because you just don’t have time (or space).  Sometimes these things are things that you like, enjoy … even sometimes love.  Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you like, love, or want something, you have to let it go, at least for a little while.

All of this follows my philosophy for organizing … Sometimes you just have to be realistic about your time and your space and your budget and a thousand other real life considerations.  Sometimes you can’t organize it all and you have to let it go in order to keep up with the necessities and the things that are the most important.  Unfortunately, my kids, mother, my own health had to trump writing blog posts and sending newsletters … I am not apologizing about my decision, but I’m just letting you know.  You take time out of your life to read my posts, so it is important that I let you know that I didn’t just quit.

So, today I am coming back.  I’ve spent the last month preparing my business for the upcoming fall rush and getting back into a regular routine, still working on finishing the bathroom!

I’m still, or again, working in my kitchen.  We incorporated our washer/dryer into our bathroom now, so I have a whole new section of pantry to work with!  I’ve never had such a big pantry, even growing up we didn’t have a pantry, just kitchen cabinets.  So, this is new territory for me personally! Excuse the photobomb by the dog, it was his breakfast time!

This week I’ll be rearranging canned goods, sorting breakfast items … making room for the steam cleaner … And, I think I will be replacing some of the wire shelves with some solid shelves where things fall through.

I still haven’t decided about the curtains or bringing the bi-fold doors back out of the attic … and at some point over the next year this flooring will be replaced!

So … Here we go again!

Thank you so much for reading, following … my friends for checking on me … And remember, that organizing isn’t a job that you do once, it is a routine, process, a chore that is constantly done and redone.  Hopefully not as often as dishes and laundry!

Keep organizing, stay happy, and take care of you!

Thank you friends!



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