52 Weeks of Organizing – Chaos … even organizers have it!

Well, hello there!

The last 52 Weeks organizing post left us in the kitchen pantry.  And, I am happy to report that I got mine organized!  With the help of my favorite shoe box sized plastic bins from the dollar store, I managed to corral all of the things without spending a fortune!  I used 6 bins, for a grand total of $6 plus tax.  Love those $1 bins, especially in a size that is handy and manageable!

Now, on to this week!  Well, my week is probably going to look different than your week!  To be honest with you, my house is pretty chaotic at the moment, and most likely will be for at least the end of the year.  This is the current view of the hallway and my kitchen table … kind of embarrassing for an organizer to have no table to eat at … but it has been construction zone here!  Back in April of this year, we decided that it was finally time to re-do our floors … the carpet was terrible … the hardwood floors needed to be refinished … I hated the linoleum in our kitchen.  But, before we tackled the flooring we knew that we had to remodel the bathroom first since that would impact the floors.

So, 6 months later we have finished the bathroom and we are smack in the middle of replacing the flooring … in the whole house … which means every thing in every room pretty much has to be relocated, old flooring removed, new flooring put down … and all the things put back.

It is a huge job, and I am a little tired!  … I am really really ready to be finished!

We are a bit more than halfway finished, and I love the new floors!  Love love love them!  I’ll have to do a reveal at the end.

But, since you are probably NOT remodeling your house, or redoing your floors … you are probably not getting much use out of this post so far! 

This week we are moving out of the kitchen and into the bathroom!  It is time to clean out under your sinks!  If you have a separate area that you keep your make up, this is a good time for you to go through that too!

I want you to sort out all of the items that you use on a daily, weekly, monthly basis … and toss all of those products that you are not using!  Toss the old makeup, toss the old nail polish, toss the half empty bottles of shampoo and conditioner that are taking up space under your sink!

This is also a good time to sort out towels and wash cloths.  The ones that are stringy and need to go … yes, we all have them!

If you have kids, let them be in charge of sorting out the things in their bathroom!  I’ve been in some teenager bathrooms over the years, and I know how cluttered they can get!  I just last week had to go through the array of axe products with my teenage boy … goodness, gracious I never realized how many boy bath products there were now!  And, my heart goes out to you with teenage girls!

If you have a guest bathroom, take a moment to dust off those sample size shampoos and conditioners!

So,  that is your assignment for the week … I’m off to organize the bathroom … and finish painting … and hopefully clear off the kitchen table!

I’m so tired of living in a construction zone!!

It’s gonna be great though … it’s gonna be great!



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