April of MooreMagnetsWelcome to MooreMagnets!  I am April, owner/creator of MooreMagnets!

Since I was a young girl, I have been passionate about organizing!  However, my mother, was not the most organized person, and did not have the tools to teach me about organization!  She did, however, give me the tools that I needed, a book, that helped me to learn to be organized.  The knowledge that I gained in that book allowed me to adapt and grow into adulthood, wife-hood, mother-hood, and adapt my cleaning and organization habits that changed with each new life change.

I am now, wife, mom, maker, flower whisperer, entrepreneur that has stumbled, succeeded, and conquered some major life changes!  I have often become frustrated by other organizational systems – some went to slow, some too fast, some were unrealistic in dealing with the realities of life, some lacked the details that I was looking for, but mostly they focused on just getting organized and not staying that way.

MooreMagnets Studio

I finally got fed up, and developed my own system!  The “Stay Moore Organized” system to maintaining a clean and organized home.  This system, along with weekly organizing challenges will allow anyone to maintain as much or as little organization in their home that they are comfortable.  It gives you the tools to create a cleaning system to have a clean home that is always ready for a friend to come and join you for coffee.

I am so glad you are here!  I hope you will stay around and join me to be inspired on your own organization journey … and mine too!  Organization is an ongoing journey and I am right there with you!

So, sit, grab a cup of coffee,  stay awhile!  We will be cleaning, organizing, crafting, gardening … It really depends on the season!